November 27, 2012

Dapper Fashion Guide Roundup

Oh hey there gender blenders,

Today I bring you a dapper fashion guide roundup from socks to skivvies.

Part I: There's no place like... your feet.
Love a good oxford? Here's a dress shoe 101: Masculine Shoes in My Size?
Dig fun socks? Ask dapperQ: How to Wear Cool Socks?

Part II: Bottoms 
Curves can be dapper too! Ask dapperQ: Trousers for Curves?
In depth guide to finding jeans that fit. Jeans 101: Tips on Fit, Brands, Color

Part III: Tops
Differentiate your jackets: Blazers, Sport Coats, & Suit Jackets: Same?
The always essential button-down:
Part IV: That suit suits you!
The Style Manual: Suits 101
The Style Manual: Suits 201

Part V: Splish, splash, for when you're not swimming in the bath
Because we can't all be mermaids: The Butch & The Beach
Beyond the pin-up: Vintage Swimwear for Grrls & Bois
Who has short swim shorts? The Hottest Summer Swim Boyshorts for the Hottest Summer Bois and Grrrls

Part VI: Underneath it all
Shh, perhaps we have boobs too... How To: Find A Bra That Fits Your Dapper Bod & The Bra Issue: Queer Fashion Guide For Various Shapes, Sizes and Gender Expressions
Because who wants unsuccessful underpants? Boyshorts 101: Your Complete Guide to Successful Underpants

Part VII: Ties
Eeep! How To Wear Skinny Ties, For Femmes and Bois and Everyone In Between


  1. I do indeed love a good oxford, now that you asked. You are awesome St. Louis BabeDandy