May 27, 2012

Learning to tie a bow tie

Oh hey there gender blenders,

The other day I bought myself a bow tie at a clothing resale shop, all the while thinking my dad and I could have that special moment where he stands next to me in the mirror and teaches me how to tie it. Of course, in my moment of glee, I neglected to remember that I've never seen my dad wear a bow tie (even though he is the type of man who could rock the shit out of that). Well, that experience was just going to be a bonus anyway--I suppose I can always youtube it.

I actually wanted a bow tie because more and more I really like looking dapper. My girlfriend suggested it to me, and I said, "You know what? I am the type of grrl who could rock the shit out of a bow tie." Now I just have to learn how tie it.


  1. Your girlfriend thinks you could rock the shit out of just about anything...but is also super excited about the bowtie!