January 29, 2012

Androgynous Femme art observations: John Stezaker's split faces

Oh hey there gender blenders,

This weekend I went to the opening of the John Stezaker exhibit at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington University, and guess what I found? Some amazing examples of androgynous art!

Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) LXI, 2010
Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XLIII, 2007 
But the most interesting discovery I made was in the comparison between the photograph collages that were split male/female faces and those that were split male/male or female/female faces--it was not the gender difference, but the face difference, that made these images startling. That is, all three gender combinations were equally eerie because they were made up of two different faces.

He (Film Portrait Collage) III, 2008
She (Film Portrait Collage) V, 2007
I wonder if this observation would hold true for split body collages as well. The exhibit did include some of these; however, they were only split male/female combinations. Somehow, these did not seem as startling as the faces.

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