November 20, 2011

Androgynous femme fashion is looking dapper for Thanksgiving

Hey there gender blenders, it's been a while,

Are you desperately wondering what on earth you should wear to Thanksgiving/other autumn family gatherings? Are you looking for something that will say "I'm a queer one, Mr. Grinch" to your parental units and your nosy aunt who always asks you about heteronormative romantic interests? I'm about to give you a few ideas!

The "boyfriend" sweater/blazer/pant is trending in a lot of clothing stores lately--awesome, but can we please claim our own freaking sweaters? I wear these things because of how they play with gender, not because I'm a hipster who's trying to look grunge-tastic. And I wouldn't have a boyfriend, so this is not my boyfriend's sweater. Still, these "boyfriend" items are pretty readily available, and there is something to be said for that.

So, what the heck are we going to wear at Thanksgiving?

A vest paired with a sweater or blazer and some kind of a blouse/shirt (or some variation) always looks dapper. Pictured below are a vest from The Urban Apparel, a green sweater from Mod Cloth--those peek-a-boo polka-dot pockets are great for a little touch of femme, and the "I'm The Boss Boyfriend Blazer" from Poetrie.

I love trousers, especially when they come in tweed or "old man" pea green or yellow. Check out these Split Pea Trousers from Anthropologie for inspiration.

Play with color, rock lipstick and a mustache, wear a bow-tie--whatever you do, rock your gender(s) because only you can do you.