October 26, 2011

Why short hair rocks my socks

Hey there gender blenders,

I've consistently had short hair since 2005. And let me tell you a little secret--I haven't looked back. Period. I'm a total short hair junkie. Pixies, bobs, faux hawks, real hawks, partially shaved off, all shaved off--stick it on a girl with attitude, and I'm a done Thanksgiving turkey.

Short hair won't stick to your sticky name tag. It won't cramp your style when you roll the windows all the way down and rock out to Tegan and Sara. And best of all, you can create crazy hair art in your sleep that will say "hey" to you every morning in the mirror. Without even trying.

I've been asked, "Are you sure you want it this short?"

Who do you think I am? I am not having a "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair" moment.

I've been told, "I've always thought women with long hair were beautiful," by a professor after I read a feminist manifesto about cutting my hair off. This professor also thought I didn't know I was writing feminist poems, and then proceeded to give me permission to write that way. "It's okay, most feminist poets calm down after a while."

Well, you've done your part to set that date back to something beyond Never Land. Sorry Peter Pan, being a feminist forever totally has your whole being a kid forever thing beat. Then again, "Mr." Pan--you did have that whole gender bending Mary Martin episode back in 1954.

Three words:


  1. First off, I have to say I cried when I found this blog. As someone who identifies as an androgynous femme and gets the "huh? IDGI" look whenever I try to explain, I must say it feels wonderful to know I'm not alone out there in the world. Definitely going to spread your blog around once I get off my lazy butt and update my own blog. :)

    And yes, short hair rules. I've had my hair cut short consistently since middle school, and I can't picture myself without, now!

  2. *androgynous femme high-five* I'm glad you found my blog an affirming place--as that is one part of its purpose! :D