October 1, 2011

Androgynous femme fashion goes to the office

Hey there gender blenders,

I've been having a little excitement lately! Guess who will be starting two new jobs this month? Moi! So, I thought now would be a perfect time to talk about androgynous femme fashion in the office! Not only delving into some wearable goodies, but also addressing gender expression in the workplace.

Here's a page out of August's issue of Harper's Bazaar--I love the idea of menswear-inspired trousers and jackets. (Check out the suit on the woman with the red hair in the bottom right corner.)

I found a few look-alikes at Anthropologie and Modcloth. They're pretty pricey and not all that size friendly beyond a large on the jacket and 14 on the trousers. Think of them as inspirations for your own little scavenger hunt.

Dapper & Dashing Trousers
Buried in Books Blazer

Confession: Outwardly, I'm rather femme looking. While the way I "do gender" is a lot more complicated than that, I can remember very few instances in which my gender expression was questioned, challenged, or read as somehow a "problem" in terms of its so-called appropriateness. (Although femme invisibility is a whole other issue.) The relationship between my gender and female existence are generally seen as "uncomplicated," while in truth, "doing gender" is always complicated. I am interested, therefore (and for other reasons as well), in experiences of gender in the office and everywhere else. Do you "do gender" differently at work than when in other situations?

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