August 21, 2011

I want to tell you a little thing about love: "Love Poem to a Butch Woman"

Oh hi there gender blenders,

Today I found a poem for you--an androgynous femme love poem! I have a romantic streak, sure, but let me tell you, it's queer as all get-out. So, Deborah A. Miranda's "Love Poem to a Butch Woman" had me at hello.

Love Poem to a Butch Woman
Deborah A. Miranda

This is how it is with me:
so strong, I want to draw the egg
from your womb and nourish it in my own.
I want to mother your child made only
of us, of me, you: no borrowed seed
from any man. I want to re-fashion
the matrix of creation, make a human being
from the human love that passes between
our bodies. Sweetheart, this is how it is:
when you emerge from the bedroom
in a clean cotton shirt, sleeves pushed back
over forearms, scented with cologne
from an amber bottle--I want to open
my heart, the brightest aching slit
of my soul, receive your pearl.
I watch your hands, wait for the sign
that means you'll touch me,
open me, fill me; wait for that moment
when your desire leaps inside me.

From The Poetry Foundation.

The speaker desires to "mother [her lover's] child made only / of [the two of them]." While she doesn't "make a human being," she does "re-fashion / the matrix of creation" in the body of her poem--the offspring of her love. The poem-as-love-child is able to permanently capture something an actual child never could--a moment in time, an emotion as the speaker herself experiences it.

Queer love works toward the (r)evolution of how love is represented culturally, as we become more vocal and visible. As we speak our narratives of love and desire, we validate each other in a largely hetero-centric culture. Our love-children don't have to be flesh, they just need a voice to speak our names.

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