August 9, 2011

Androgynous Femme Fashion a la Deconstructed Menswear

Oh hey there gender blenders,

Today I bring you some androgynous femme fashion thanks to the October 2010 issue of Elle Magazine that I nabbed from the library cast offs for collage purposes. AND BONUS! A whole page featuring deconstructed menswear!

I don't know about you, but I'm not rolling around in piles of gold, so I probably could never afford these goodies. And let's be honest, those threads are not going to fit some of us curvier lovelies. So let's try to find some look-alikes shall we?

Those sassy-dapper man shoes are pretty fab if I say so myself. Our first look-alike comes from Modcloth and are the least expensive of our two options at $63.99. Gotta love the feminine touch of the ribbon laces. (Click the images for the links.)

Ink with the New Shoe
The next pair of shoes is probably the most like Marc Jacobs pair in the magazine. They come in the lighter brown/tan as shown below, and a very nice deep brown. You can find them at for $69.

Kimchi Blue Leather Heeled Oxford
The jacket from Antonio Berardi totally reminds me of those snappy equestrian show jackets. I took English riding lessons for eight years, so it's a plus that this jacket is both androgynous and reminiscent of my riding days. Let's start with our bargain jacket that comes in sizes 1x to 4x available at in gray for $44.94 and in black for $36.50. 

Women's Plus Double-Weave Blazer
Our other jacket is from Modcloth, it comes in sizes S-M-L, and is $73.99. I'm loving the angles and the collar.

Style Trail-Blazer
Do you have favorite menswear items gone femme? Shoot me a line in the comments section and I'll add it here or save it for future editions of androgynous femme fashion.

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